Mayoral and Council Candidate public forum videos

Because it is election time, the GHSA is re-purposing some Blog space, which is reserved for member and guest blog opinions, to offer a service to Surrey voters and political observers.

As an Association, the GHSA does not officially endorse one candidate over another for any Mayoral or Council seat. Our position is neutral, however we do urge you to vote and to remember that Grandview Heights, as an area under widespread growth and change, will evolve astronomically under the next group of elected officials. Pace of development, social and physical infrastructure, transportation, crime, preservation of decreasing green space: all of these issues have been raised in the past months.

There have been many public debates and forums over the last two weeks as well as news and radio interviews with candidates. These events have been posted on our “Upcoming” sidebar, but since the GHSA website just launched, of course most of these are now in the past. In the spirit of candidate equality as well as with an acknowledgement to the access that the media provides to those at home, we would like you to have access to these media recordings in case you missed them. “Meeting” a candidate by viewing and listening to them on the internet, although not in person, is better than not meeting at all them and will likely help you inform your vote.  We are not posting party platforms or individual media interviews with candidates. These are available on the individual team websites, along with all Mayoral and Council Candidate bios and videos on  What we want to bring you are media captures of public meetings and interviews that if you may have missed, you can view here all in one place. If you view this page and notice that a media clip is missing, please let us know at

Clicking the links below will open a new window and will take you to a third party website.  The GHSA is not responsible for that website in any way nor what you decide to do with the information presented there. Be informed, get informed, and watch carefully the individuals who want to represent your City for the next four years.


SFU/Downtown BIA Mayoral Candidates Meeting, October 23, 2014. This was held at SFU Surrey for Mayoral Candidates.  Special thanks to Surrey 604′s Esmir Milavic and Daman Beatty for videotaping this event.

SFU/ Downtown BIA All Candidates Meeting, October 28, 2014.  This was held at SFU Surrey for Mayoral and Council Candidates. Special thanks to Surrey 604‘s Esmir Milavic and Daman Beatty for videotaping this event.

Simi Sara CKNW Mayoral debate, October 30, 2014. This was recorded in studio with Linda Hepner, Doug McCallum, Barinder Rasode

Simi Sara CKNW Mayoral debate, VIDEO October 30, 2014. The above audio interview was also videotaped.

Shaw TV Mayoral Debate October 30, 2014  This was recorded in studio with Vikram Bajwa, Linda Hepner, Doug McCallum, Barinder Rasode

CBC Mayoral Debate, SFU Nov 4th. Linda Hepner, Doug McCallum, Barinder Rasode.


If any other  All-Candidates forums are recorded in the coming weeks, we will post them as well.