Grandview Heights gets a new NCP! Area 3

In July 2016, Surrey Council voted to initiate a Neighbourhood Concept Plan for Area 3. Area 3 is bounded by 20th Ave south to 16th Ave, 168th Street east to 176th St.   For years, speculators have been purchasing large acreages surrounding established acreage homes. This will initiate development in the area and, most likely in keeping with Area 2 (Sunnyside) , Area 5A (Orchard Grove) and the almost-completed Area 4 (Redwood Heights) it will be high density development.

Canopy loss, lack of transit infrastructure, lack of schools are three themes of criticism surrounding the rapid development of once-tranquil Grandview Heights. How will the densification of Area 3 contribute to this?  You can get involved with the planning of the NCP by visiting the City’s web page and learning more.