This resource is provided for you so you can become aware of what is happening in your neighbourhood. First, click here to find out more about the development application approval process in general. Depending on where the application is the process,  it may or may not have a green sign posted at its location.

After tracking all re-zoning/development applications in GH since the fall of 2014 through initial review and progress through Council, GHSA has decided to move to a “do it yourself” process.

There are many ways to do this.

  1. If you live within 100 metres of the subject property, you will receive a “pre-notification letter” in the mail advising you of the nature of the re-zoning. To find out more, go to this link: Applications here are listed chronologically in order of most recently submitted.

To find the application you are interested in, if you have a Mac computer, hold down the “command key” and “F” (or Apple Find) and type in the address in the lower left hand corner. The application will come up on the page and you will see the information about the applicants.

On a PC, the “find” command while in PDF is “control F.”

Here is how this looks. (bottom left corner is the beginning of the address found on the letter (or on a green sign). Searching for it will locate the address in the PDF document).

dev 1


  1. If you have happened upon a green development sign and want more information, take note of the development application number (or you have received the letter and still want more information), follow the instructions above OR  click this link:

Enter the development application number and you will be taken to a page that tells you what you really need to know:

  • the name and contact information of the City of Surrey planner on the file
  • the nature of the development
  • the applicant’s contact information
  1. Use our handy GHSA tutorial on how to use COSMOS (City of Surrey Online Mapping System) and follow the directions to get a snapshot of your neighbourhood. Zoom in and out and if you see a six digit number, that is the development application (the first two digits are the year of application). Go to the “Development apps” menu on the left and click “Weblink.” This will take you to the same page listed in note #2 above.


If all else fails, email and a friendly volunteer will help you! Familiarizing yourself with the first five dropdowns of the RESOURCES top menu content on this website will make the process easier. Orient yourself by learning what “area” of Grandview Heights you live in to make it all easier.