This application passed third reading on Monday Jan 12, 2015. Councillors Woods and Villeneuve voted against. Here is the Planning’s Corporate Report to Council.

You can view the video of the Public Hearing (there are 2 video segments; delegations against the applications are half way through the first segment. Decisions/passing by Council are in the second segment. View the video here.  Select Jan 12 on calendar, and Public Hearing links.

Of note to read also are the Additional Planning Comments, June 23, 2014 to file 7913-0226 which was the first stage of this new “urban enclave” which is completed by this application (14-0225) and the probable imminent development of the lot to its immediate east.

Here is the location of the application (lot indicated in red).


Here is the pre-notification letter.

Here is the lot plan:

00328_subdivision-layout-Development Concept Plan

The GHSA considers this a Priority Item because it is infill development in an area without an NCP and therefore against the Official Community Plan’s rules on subdivision for more than RA (1-2 units per acre)  lots.

This application has history. You can learn more about the related 164th infill here.

For more perspective on how and why this application had its origins in the planning of the 164th St Infill, click here

Should you want further information on this project, you can view its progress on Cosmos.


City of Surrey Planning Department contact for this application: Heather Kamitakahara 604-591-4424

GM PLanning Jean Lamontagne

Temporary GHSA contact for this application:

City Council Members

Mayor: Linda Hepner

Judy Villeneuve:

Mary Martin:

Barbara Steele:

Bruce Hayne:

Tom Gill:

Vera LeFranc

Mike Starchuk

Dave Woods


City of Surrey Documentation

Grandview Heights General Use Plan

Surrey Official Community Plan:

Further Conversation

You are invited to submit feedback about this action item through the website contact page and GHSA members are invited to submit articles for the GHSA Blog.  Tweet us @myghsa with your thoughts.

Two blog articles have been written about this application:

The Now Newspaper also covered the issue in an op/ed.


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