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The 164th Infill

There is an old axiom that you can’t fight city hall. There is some truth in this, unfortunately, but sometimes the issues you are faced with are worth the fight.

Our quiet suburban neighbourhood of one-acre homes, which stretches from 26 to 28 Avenues, and 164 to 168 Streets, is part of Area 5 of Grandview Heights. It is zoned for 1-2 units per acre and has no Neighbourhood Concept Plan at this time.

We had always been told that no development would take place until there was an NCP for our area, and many of us made long-term plans based on these assurances. When a mysterious attempt was made to rezone 6 acreages on 164 Street between 26 and 28 Avenues around the time Morgan Heights was being built, our neighbour, the late Ken Hall, investigated and those plans were promptly dropped.