AREA 4 (area outlined in red; 168th Ave in purple, 24th Ave in blue)


 Area 4 does not have an NCP yet, but since 2005, has been studied under the Stage 1 process. This was approved by Council in 2013. The Redwood Heights NCP is, in 2016, nearing completion.

Funding for stage 2 of the Area 4 NCP was approved in March 2015. This stage of the NCP will be concerned with engineering and services.  As with the Stage 1 process, two area residents sit on the Community Advisory Council. The balance of members of the CAC are consultants, members of the land owner group (who may or may not be residents of the area), and City Staff.

Area 4 is adjacent to the Agricultural Land Reserve to the northeast and to Redwood Park to the south. According to the study documentation, Area 4 contains “relatively intact natural hubs and woodland corridors that provide wildlife habitat and support fish habitat in tributaries to Erickson Creek.” Future plans for this area include a diversity of housing types (single-lot family homes, cluster-housing, townhouses, rowhouses and low-rise apartments), a street network with shuttle buses, two neighbourhood shopping centres (177th St and 24th Ave as well as 182nd St and 24th Ave), parks and greenway trails, and habitat protection. It is projected that this future NCP area, when developed, would house between 8,200 to 12,970 people.

For maps and more information, click the link below to be accessed to the City documents.

AREA 4 Stage 1 Land Use report 2013