(area outlined in red; 168th Ave in purple, 24th Ave in blue)

NG land use map updated to 2014

NG NCP section 1

NG NCP section 2

NG NCP section 3


Originally the NG NCP (1999) outlined predominantly large lot residential development. In 2004 an amendment to the western portion of this plan changed about 33% of the plan’s one-acre type lots to a range of housing including Multiple Residential, Cluster Housing and urban/suburban Single Family lots. The April Creek subdivision, consisting of 67 half-acre lots just west of 168 Street between 32 Avenue and Northview Crescent, was approved in 2014. Several proposed linear parks have been proposed for the area. A detention pond was completed in the summer of 2014 at the corner of 164th St and 32nd Ave.

In June 2015, preliminary discussion and community engagement commenced regarding a major NCP amendment for an area of North Grandview NCP for the area of 170th to 172nd Streets, 28th to 32nd Avenues. Known as the “Chia property,” this 50 acre piece of land will set the stage for further similar development in this east portion of NG NCP. Keep up to date with developments on the Chia land and adjacent assemblies here.