(area outlined in red; 168th Ave in purple, 24th Ave in blue)


The Orchard Grove NCP was formed by removing a portion of land from Area 5 to create a small, mixed residential density neighbourhood. The Grandview Heights Aquatic Centre is indicated by the red star. Several features of the NCP plan speak to a sustainable walkable neighbourhood, such as transitional density along 26th Ave in order to gradually blend the new higher urban single and multi-family dwellings into the established suburban estate acreages to the north, a green buffered multi-use pathway and bike lane on 26th to safely conduct non-vehicular traffic from Morgan Heights and other areas to the new pool and Pacific Heights Elementary, and the preservation of an orchard as park space. The transitional density issue on 26th Ave is one of the GHSA’s Priority Concerns so visit that section of the website to read more. The NCP documents should be viewed for greater detail.

Orchard Grove 2012 land use map

OG final Planning report 2012