(area outlined in red; 168th Ave in purple, 24th Ave in blue)


The Sunnyside Heights NCP was approved by Council in 2010. The land use plan includes a variety of housing such as multi-unit apartments and townhouses, single family lots and mixed-use commercial residential. A mixed-use commercial area is planned for 168th St and 24h Ave. The proposed 2 km Grandview Ridge Trail, which includes a riparian area, will extend on a north-south pathway through almost all of the NCP area and feature lookouts in key places. A new elementary school is planned as well as two parks in addition to the school park. There are three greenway/multi-use paths proposed: on the north side of 16th Ave, north side of 20th Ave, and south side of 24th Ave. Where Sunnyside is adjacent to the Agricultural Land Reserve south of 16th Ave, transitional density (2 to 4 units per acre) are proposed as well as a landscape buffer. The NCP document estimates between 7,400 and 11,500 new residents to this area. For more details, click the NCP links below:

Sunnyside Heights NCP land use map

Sunnyside NCP 2