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The GHSA enables through the sharing of resources the initiative of Grandview Heights and area residents to mobilize concerned neighbours for positive change.


Add your voice to the discussion and join the Grandview Heights Stewardship Association mailing list. The Association, like you, lives here because it is different from anywhere else in the lower mainland.

The Grandview Heights Stewardship Association will provide information on development, planning and monitor the quality of outcomes as compared to its acceptance by you, our members.

Association members will participate in the comfort of their own time and personal styles because they care enough to engage topics that are important and engage the individuals responsible. As a member, you will be exposed to professional contributors to the discussion. The forum will challenge the status quo while demanding a higher standard.

You are encouraged to participate and comment through the website. More importantly, you will be motivated to ask questions and seek answers about the area you live in, the area you care about. The process will demand better for you and your neighbours. What is “better”? Well, you define that by joining the GHSA free mailing and sharing your voice.


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You can also make one-time donations to help us build, run and maintain the website and operational fees. YOU decide the amount you want to contribute. You may not live in Grandview Heights but support the resources we supply.

pdf-iconIf you do not use PayPal,  simply print the PDF membership form and mail it with a cheque issued to the GHSA. Mailing address: #106-800 15355 24th Ave, Surrey, B.C. V4A 2H9

Your personal information will not be shared with any other party for any purpose and is for the protected GHSA mailing list database only.  Names are only publicized with their permission (ie: if they are serving on a committee whose work is written up on the website or if they write a blog piece etc).

The GHSA is a volunteer, non-profit, non-partisan organization comprised of Grandview Heights and area residents and donation funds enable our website hosting charges and required compliance filing fee from the BC Registrar of Companies.  Because the GHSA is a non-profit but not a registered charitable organization, we can unfortunately not provide you with a tax receipt for your membership fee or donation. No volunteers will receive a salary or be compensated for their involvement.