First, what is “stewardship”? It is an ethic that embodies the responsible planning and management of resources, encompassing many aspects: the environment, people, community planning, beliefs, economics, health ….


The GHSA serves as a catalyst and educational resource, supporting residents, taxpayers and citizens in the following ways:

sharing information about sustainable development in Grandview Heights to

    • promote the retention of existing character trees, meadows, greenbelts and natural passive forest where possible. Urbanization and its effect on the natural forested condition impacts all residents, both present and future.
    • encourage development of social amenities, transit, infrastructure and related public service needs
    • work for the common good and benefit of all residents in Grandview Heights

supporting residents seeking to learn more about appropriate transitions between new urban neighborhoods and existing rural acreage homes by providing information

providing opportunities to share ideas and information that balance the interests of residents seeking to maintain their rural/suburban lifestyle and those living  in a more urban setting

providing a forum for area residents who receive our mailing list to express  ideas, opinions, and concerns. Share  photos and life experiences in and about their neighborhoods through the Blog

providing information and resources about City Planning and Development that enable  neighborhood-based participation. Helping Grandview Heights and area residents use City of Surrey satellite mapping and planning tools to keep abreast of changes in the  community

promoting community consultation that is fair, open and inclusive. This includes notifying interested residents about changes in their community and sharing ways to constructively participate in the planning process

communicating information about crime and safety in the Grandview Heights community that encourages positive safety practices

liaising with local media on matters affecting Grandview Heights and to employ a “best practices” approach where ever possible

The GHSA is an information-sharing resource intended to support all Grandview Heights residents who want a resilient community that is healthy and secure.

The GHSA references materials including: the City of Surrey Official Community Plan (OCP), Grandview Heights General Land Use Plan (GLUP),   Neighborhood Concept Plans (NCP) for Grandview Heights approved by City Council and the Biodiverisity Conservation Stategy.

Through its Directors, the GHSA  seeks to establish a high level of public transparency while fostering healthy public debate.

The GHSA monitors City Council decisions and their impact on policies and guidelines affecting Grandview Heights and the surrounding area.

The GHSA seeks to  liaise with other community associations and members  who promote responsible stewardship practices throughout the City of Surrey.

The Association, through its volunteer Board of Director, seek to connect all interested residents. Whether you just want to know what is going on in Grandview Heights or you want to be part of the team, the GHSA connects you to your neighborhood.

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