Interactive Mapping from the City of Surrey

Thank you City of Surrey, for putting us on the map, literally.

The City offers many amazing interactive mapping programs, such as COSMOS (The City of Surrey Mapping Online System) — and which has its own page in the GHSA Resources Section — , Property Report look ups, and Historical Image Viewer. The support email for any of these programs is but as you will read below, there are many tutorials available on the City website that will give you immediate assistance.



This incredible tool which dovetails with Googlemaps enables you to search Surrey maps for zoning, land use, utilities, schools, parks, amenities and more. COSMOS requires the download of a programme called Silverlight, but which is a quick and safe download. When you access COSMOS, you will also see a wealth of tutorials to help you learn the program. This program is best used with Firefox as your internet browser.

Find out what is going on in your neighbourhood easily and from your computer! Everyone uses the basic functions of COSMOS a little differently and of course the most basic application (typing in an address and finding out about it) can seem intimidating the first time you use it. COSMOS is particularly useful if you want to see what types of developments are going on in your neighbourhood.

As mentioned, for the real tutorials on COSMOS, use the ones created by the very mapping technicians who created it. They are accessible off the main COSMOS page. But this super-simplified method also works too as an introduction.


Property Report


Property Report is another function powered by COSMOS. If you type in an address, you can find out assessed property values, zoning, and more. .

Here’s a peek at what you will find, using the address of a recently demolished home so no one will be offended. Its the property marked with the red dot.

prop report


Historical Image Viewer


Very similar to the “time machine” function on Google maps, this COSMOS application enables you to see how an area has changed from the present back to 1998. After opening Historical Imagery Viewer, just enter the address you are curious about and drag the slider bar. You can zoom in and out. This application is best viewed in Firefox just be warned that it can get a little glitchy and can stop changing the images if too overloaded. If this happens, just exit the program and start again.


After you enter the address, you will see a large screen view of its immediate neighbourhood. Zoom in to see the actual house . The same “demolished house address” was used in these screen captures below just to give you an idea of what the splash page looks like and as a bonus, to see how the same neighbourhood has changed/remained the same through three views from 2001, 2008 and 2013.  If you live in a newly-developed part of Grandview Heights you might find it interesting to see what was on your property in the past.

16493 2001

16493 2008

16493 2013