(area outlined in red; 168th Ave in purple, 24th Ave in blue)


AREA 5 has no NCP nor at this time. An NCP is created to initiate development and must be supported by 51% of the owners of 70% of the land. Residents of Area 5, as viewed on the map above, live predominantly on one-acre suburban residential lots. Because there is no NCP for Area 5, and the area is zoned under the GH GLUP and the OCP as RA (Residential Acreage 1-2 units per acre), subdivision of lots into lands smaller than ½ acre lots is not permitted.

One section of Area 5 as viewed in the diagram below has additional protection called “One Acre Max” in the GLUP meaning that only one home can be built on a one acre lot. This was passed in Council on December 2014.

Screen Shot 2014-11-24 at 11.39.23 AM

A small portion of Area 5 was assembled and created into NCP 5A, Orchard Grove in 2012. The NCP for this area can be viewed here

Area 5 exists as one of the last neighbourhoods not to be re-developed into smaller lot subdivisions. In June 2014 City Council voted, with the exception of one Councillor, to allow a 36-lot development into an area that had been assembled by six like-minded neighbours (see the Priority Concerns page) but Council was clear that further intrusions would not be allowed.  Area 5 and 3 have recently been re-designated in the OCP from “suburban” to “suburban-urban reserve” which means that urban development through an NCP is anticipated. On January 12, 2015, Mayor Hepner directed Planning at the request of residents to explore options for a section of Area 5 to re-designate into an “rural” designation. This is the designation that Redwood Park Estates has. The purpose of this would be to add a layer of protection against urban spot-zoning in the area and to keep the acreage properties as-is until an NCP is warranted.  Updates on this website will occur as this project progresses.