26th ave trail - passive forest walking

26th Ave Trail

Where to walk, ramble, cycle, and experience the beautiful outdoors in Grandview Heights:

Grandview Heights was originally an area covered in old-growth forests and meadows. As development unfolds, it is essential for the well-being of people as well as forest creatures, that animal habitat corridors and passive green spaces remain. Fortunately, these almost often include walking trails! Although only one of Surrey’s significant trails are located in Grandview Heights — Redwood Park — (see the Priority Concerns page for updates about the Grandview Trail as it is established in the future), there are still some lovely smaller passive areas to enjoy. Squirrels, the odd coyote, raccoons, salamanders, and other creatures call these trails home. By “passive forest trails” we refer to areas where a trail is maintained but is gravel/dirt surrounded by trees and bushes which serve as a natural habitat. These may not be stoller or wheelchair-friendly depending on the trail … and the stoller or wheelchair.

Here is a list of a few trails to get you out into nature and enjoying the (suburban) forests in the Grandview Heights area. (Please, if you know of others, email the GHSA). If you log on to COSMOS and click the “Layers and Legend” tab, then “Parks and Recreation/Park Natural Areas & Park Paths and Trails) you can find the exact location of these hidden gems.

As Grandview Heights transforms from a predominantly acreage area to higher density residential, the City of Surrey parks department requires Parkland through the development process. The links below share information about new parks and  public involvement in Park planning.

To find existing parks in the surrounding South Surrey  area, click here.

North Grandview Heights

Greenway Creek (off Hillcrest Court/176th St)

Sunnyside School Forest and trail, 160th St between 28th Ave and 30th

Mountain View Park (new). More here

Wills Brook Park (new). More here  Display boards from the open house for Mountain View Park and wills Brook Park can be viewed by clicking here

Area 5

Country Woods trail (26th Ave at 172 St) north to 27th Ave)

26th Ave Trail (26th Ave at 166th St north to 28th Ave)

Dogwood Horse Stables  (City 116G greenbelt) – 168th St between 28th St and 27thSt. Although not yet an official park, and to date the GHSA is not aware if there will be trails through it or not, this lovely parcel of wooded land was achieved and added to the City’s list of Parks in 2014 through the efforts of a GHSA member. Please visit the Priority Concerns page for more.

Morgan Heights

Wills Brook Forest which has a path at 161th St which starts between 30th Ave and 30B Ave and extends east to approximately 162nd St.

Forest trail accessible from the cul-de-sac of 30th Ave near 161st and which continues to 164th St.

Trail near 161A St which starts on 24th Ave leading to Morgan Heights Linear Park

Sunnyside Heights

Part of the Sunnyside Heights NCP includes plans for the Grandview Trail. Keep up to date with the progress of this trail in the Priority Concerns page in the future.

Oak Meadows Park (new and in planning process click here for more). Here are a few photos of concept boards from the open house on May 12:

Oak meadows 2

oak meadows 1

Area 3

Darts Hill Garden Park corner of 168th St and 16th Ave (parking off 170th St) is open according to the schedule on their website. Darts Hill, a formerly private garden, was gifted to the City of Surrey nearly twenty years ago.

Redwood Park – this fabulous and storied park is located at 179th St and 20th Ave. With trails, meadows and of course the towering specimens for which Grandview Heights was once famed, the sons of an area pioneer planted close to 80 acres which had been logged from scratch!