Stolen Auto Recovery Initiative

The Surrey RCMP depends on you, the residents of Surrey to observe and report any suspicious activity in order to reduce crime and increase community safety. We are asking for your involvement with a new initiative that will assist in the recovery of stolen vehicles. When a vehicle is stolen it is often used to commit additional crimes. With this initiative, we will be increasing our “eyes on the street” by providing the Block Watch participants with a weekly list of stolen vehicles. We want you to “partner with the RCMP” to make our streets a safer place to live, work and play.

Here is how you can be a part of the Stolen Auto Recovery Initiative:

· The list of stolen vehicles will be sent out to Block Watches via email by the Crime Prevention Coordinator and updated here.
· Should you observe a vehicle matching the identifiers, please call the designated phone number immediately to report it:

o For occupied vehicles, call 9-1-1

o For unoccupied vehicles, call non-emergency at 604-599-0502

When you call, identify yourself as a BLOCK WATCH participant and report the location of a possible stolen vehicle. Have the license plate available and then allow the operator to ask the questions.

Most vehicles are recovered within 24-48 hours from the time they are stolen.

Contact for this programme:

Ashley Sousa
Surrey RCMP – Crime Prevention Programs Coordinator
District 5 – South Surrey 100-1815 152nd Street, Surrey BC

The list below will be updated as distributed (weekly).

Click on this link for week of November 4, 2015