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On September 8, 2014, Council passed a motion to proceed initiate a Local Area Plan for South Campbell Heights by authorizing an environmental study (which was completed in the summer of 2015). It was passed that all re-zoning applications submitted to the City would be kept with Staff until the LAP was completed.

On September 14, 2015 at the Regular Council Meeting, Mayor and Council unanimously passed a motion to receive the Terms of Reference for the Preparation of the South Campbell Heights Local Area Plan. (Corporate Report R187).  Staff was then authorized to proceed with preparation of the LAP, as outlined here.

However, it was also approved to forward re-zoning application 7915-0227 ahead in advance of the LAP “once the appropriate technical staff reviews and consultation have been conducted.”


This means that a significant portion of the lands included for study in the South Campbell Heights LAP and within a “Special Study Area” are proposed to be removed from the LAP process in order to provide land for truck parking. The Truck Parking Application (7915-0227-00) is supported by the Councillor Gill, Chair of the Transportation Infrastructure Committee. Minutes from July 24th, 2105 (which can be viewed here) support the use of this land (zoned agricultural) because “truck parking has been a very sensitive and topical issue over the last decade, yet we will have 1300 illegally parked trucks in Surrey impacting our residential neighbourhoods and farmlands.”

Development Application 15-0227 “for employment lands has been received by the City for properties in the 19400 block of 16th Ave, which is consistent with the Employment Lands Strategy and includes a well- lit primary truck parking facility and a secondary use for trucking amenities (truck washing, mechanics, tire shop, washroom facilities) and logistic warehousing” (Regular Council Action Items, Sept 14, 2015).

This application is in the “initial review” stage. Here is a link to the application’s status.  Before the application proceeds to Public Hearing, Planning staff and members of associated departments will be working with the applicant and the public before a Planning Report to Council is made and the application goes to Council for First and Second Reading at a Council Land Use Meeting (presentations from the public are not permitted at this meeting).  It is imperative for concerned residents to write letters/emails to the contacts listed below at this point. If passed to hear Third Reading at Council, then the application goes to Public Hearing. At this meeting,  concerned residents can voice opinions for or against the application in Chambers. At the end of the Regular Council Meeting during which the Public Hearing is held, a vote is held by Council to pass the application’s Third Reading. If the vote is defeated, the application can either be closed or can be “referred back to staff” for further work and in this case, returns at a later date to be voted on by Council (with or without a Public Hearing, depending on the situation).  More on this process here.

Location of the proposed re-zoning site:

aerial truck application

Location within the context of the SCH Local Area Plan and Special Study Areas (black border) Truck parking proposal area noted in PURPLE. (click to enlarge)

SCH Sp study map 2

Click here for a photo gallery of the proposed truck facility area.

What is the importance of the “Special Study Area” of the CH Local Area Plan and the fact that there is a re-zoning application for Light Industrial within it?

You can read the entire report from the links on this website’s CH LAP page here.

Summary of the Environmental Report-Special Study Area here.

Here are some highlights:

  •  The first corporate report to council requested initiation of LAP process: Environmental Studies, market demand assessment (determine existing and future needs for industrial/other employment lands), servicing and transportation studies (including ISMP) to determine opportunities/constraints.
  • An area of land south of the Campbell Heights Local Area Plan of approximately 245 hectares (600 acres) is identified as a Special Study Area in both the Metro Vancouver Regional Growth Strategy (“RGS”)and the draft new Official Community Plan (“OCP”). The Special Study Area indicates an area where future land planning is expected, potentially leading to changes from current land use designations. Several development applications and inquiries have recently been received for lands within this Special Study Area, prompting staff to seek the direction of Council regarding the timing and scope of a planning process for this area. (So in other words, an appetite for development/different land uses sets the Special Study Area apart and is driving its examination through a Local Area Plan)
  • This application for Truck Parking is both within the CH Local Area Plan AND within the Special Study Area. Therefore the direction of Council is to consider it for re-zoning in advance of decisions about both the Local Area Plan AND the Special Study Area.
  • The Madrone environmental study indicates the areas within the Special Study Area (red border in map below) as the highest value biodiversity areas. They not only surround the proposed truck parking application but traverse it. First map is directly from the Madrone study, second map with purple sphere shows where highest biodiversity traverses the proposed truck parking property.

highest bio

highest bio 2

  • Much of the Special Study Area is critical for groundwater recharge and baseflow contribution to local watercourses; particularly the upland regions, river riparian zones, and wetlands.The near surface aquifer, which comprises the Uplands, interacts heavily with surface waters. The Uplands region is susceptible to contamination and depletion of the water table through over production, potentially to be compounded by a decrease in rainfall recharge through land use change.
  • Groundwater contamination would be a concern for areas intended for light industrial or commercial development. The current primarily agriculture land use
    also requires appropriate farm management practices be followed to minimize potential contamination.
  • The map below from the Madrone study shows the Critical Natural Recharge Areas in aqua blue, and again such an area surrounds and traverses the proposed truck parking property.


Two environmental studies have been commissioned by the City of Surrey in preparation for the South Campbell Heights LAP and whose findings bear on the appropriateness of this “gravel pit” (as it has been identified in the media) for Light Impact Industrial. They are referenced above and are available in their entirely by accessing this page. 

Main issues of concern about this re-zoning application to build a truck parking facility:

  • Human Health/Water quality impacts

Brookswood Aquifer is highly vulnerable to contamination from surface sources and is heavily developed, meaning that the aquifer is nearing or at capacity to provide water without decreasing the water table. Innumerable wells in South Surrey/Langley depend on the aquifer for safe drinking water.

  • Environmental impacts

The Little Campbell River itself is free of fish barriers in the Special Study Area and has wide, productive riparian zones. A decline in baseflow will result in unfavourable stream conditions for fish species, including salmonids. The proposed truck property is potentially home to 22 taxa of endangered wildlife. Not included in this number, the study area also is home to many fungi and invertebrates, some of them also rare. These small, often overlooked, species are among the most important in the ecosystem. Thirteen taxa of species at risk are confirmed for the study area, two more are likely present.
Forest patches showing this type of evidence of wildlife activity are highly valued resources for biodiversity.

  • Will this facility in this location help solve Surrey’s  “homeless”  local truck problem as defined by Council?
  • City Land Use Process: Why is this land being prematurely removed from the LAP process for South Campbell Heights? Surrey’s Official Community Plan cites “no development without an NCP” as a foundational principle; this LAP is the same in nature as an NCP.


Concerned about a truck parking facility atop lands that contribute to the Brookswood Aquifer and, immeasurably, to Surrey’s biodiversity in general? Are there more suitable sites elsewhere in Surrey to park and maintain hundreds of big-rig trucks?

Join the information/advocacy network and contact the steering committee at the Friends of Hazelmere|Campbell Valley website

Cick here to read media coverage and feedback from concerned residents & ecology professionals

Cick here to read more about the South Campbell Local Area plan process

City inquiries?

Planner on the re-zoning application for truck parking proposal: Melissa Johnson

Long Range Planner on the SCH LAP:

South Surrey Planning Manager (acting) Ron Hintche

Civil Engineering consultant on the re-zoning application: Mike Kompter/Hub Engineering

Comments? Concerns? Write to/call Mayor and Council, always cc’ing Clerks Department, the GM of Planning, the Area Planner on the SCH LAP, and the City Manager (copy the links below):

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Councillor Tom Gill: Office Phone: (604) 591-4634 E-mail:

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Councillor Barbara Steele: Office Phone: (604) 591-4623E-Mail:

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(chair City of Surrey Environmental Sustainability Advisory Cte)

Councillor Judy Villeneuve: Office Phone: (604) 591-4625 E-Mail:

(Metro Vancouver Climate Action Cte)

Councillor Dave Woods: Office Phone: 604-591-4349 Email:

CC all correspondence to:

Clerk’s Department:

City Manager: Vince Lalonde

City Planner: Jean Lamontange

South Surrey Planning Manager (acting) Ron Hintsche

Planner on the re-zoning application for truck parking proposal: Melissa Johnson

Civil Engineering consultant on the re-zoning application: Mike Kompter/Hub Engineering

Long Range Planner on the SCH LAP: