Grandview Heights from 10,000 ft … or Location

There are many “Grandviews” across the globe, including a Grandview Heights area in Edmonton, the Grandview-Woodlands neighbourhood in Vancouver, and two towns named Grandview in Washington State and Missouri! There is also a Grandview in a county close to Cambridge UK. The Grandview Heights of this Stewardship Association however is located in Surrey, British Columbia.

Our Grandview does indeed have a grand view, situated on a high ridge in South Surrey an area which encompasses the entire Semiahmoo peninsula from Semiahmoo Bay on the south to Mud Bay on the northwest, excluding the City of White Rock. The mountains, the agricultural land reserve and on to Cloverdale and beyond that Coquitlam can be viewed from the highest point of the ridge at 168th and 24th Ave.

Grandview Heights, as identified by the City of Surrey in the Grandview Heights General Use Plan, extends east from Highway 99 to roughly 184 Street, from 28 to 16 Avenues. North Grandview Heights, which is also included in the  GHSA’s area of interest includes of the area east of Highway 99 to 176 Street from 28 to 32 Avenues.

For a detailed view of all of the “areas” of Grandview Heights, visit the City Planning Documents section complete with maps, links to Planning reports and more.

Grandview Heights is not just a location, but a community of semi-rural, suburban character, more recent urban housing additions, schools, amenities and shopping. The forested, quiet areas of acreages co-exist with the vibrant new areas of dining, shopping, and socializing.